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A Proud Corporation for Conservation

April 18, 2017

The rare Charitable Research Reserve has created the rare Corporations for Conservation initiative to recognize and support the conservation efforts of 25 leading companies. This invitation is only being extended to corporations that rare trusts values conservation, sustainability and the protection of habitats and species as highly as they do.

For some companies, this designation will be recognition of what they have already done to act as stewards of our environment via their business practices. For others, it will be aspirational; offering them rare’s expertise and support as they work toward deeper conservation practices.

Cambridge Mill/Pearle Hospitality is pleased to have been one of the first corporations invited to join this initiative. The building design of Cambridge Mill is state-of-the-art, putting conservation initiatives at the forefront. Pearle Hospitality employs a number of energy efficient technologies, including heat recovery ventilation systems, high efficiency appliances, LED lighting throughout as well as dedicated training for our team members to better manage their utilities.

The overarching theme of Cambridge Mill is marrying the old with the new. This historic grist mill has been fully restored with state-of-the-art systems, preserving the integrity of the building and natural surroundings, while keeping modern efficiencies at the forefront.

One such example is that the building is heated and cooled geothermally, harnessing the energy from the Grand River. This system is more reliable, more efficient and improves the building’s exterior aesthetics. Although the upfront costs were twice as much as a conventional set up, long-term the energy savings will be significant.

Another example is energy recovery ventilation found in the kitchens. This setup captures 85 per cent of the heat exhaust from the kitchen and uses it to preheat both the domestic hot water and the building’s make-up air. This means that the hot water heaters — already 96 per cent efficient — heat water that’s already at 95 degrees.

It’s also the small details that matter. Large building systems get all the attention, but small energy saving tweaks are equally exciting, such as herb gardens, motion-sensitive lights and fans and on-demand ovens. Details like these are considered at every Pearle Hospitality property.

Other Corporations for Conservation include:

BNY Mellon (Toronto); Christie (Kitchener), Fiix Software (Toronto); KPMG (Waterloo); Langdon Hall (Cambridge); MacPherson Builders (Collingwood, Fergus, Toronto); Union Gas, an Enbridge Company (Waterloo); and WalterFedy (Kitchener)

About rare

Founded in 2001, the rare Charitable Research Reserve is a 900+ acre (bigger than Central Park) land trust and environmental institute situated at the confluence of the Grand and Speed Rivers in the heart of the Waterloo Region. The reserve is a beautiful and culturally significant landscape that includes trees more than 250 years old. Rich in biodiversity, rare is home to an array of flora and fauna – some of which are ranked “at risk” or “significant” regionally, provincially, nationally and even globally. Striving to preserve the land for future generations, rare focuses on conservation, research and education through ecological restoration and environmental programs, while providing passive recreation opportunities to the surrounding community on eight km of trails. Visit to learn more.

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