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Spencer's is Closing for Renovations

February 15, 2016

Spencer's is celebrating its 10th birthday this year.

Since opening their doors in 2006, certain things have remained the same: Aunt Karen bakes the desserts for brunch, Joey is likely to be serving on Wednesday night, and the tables, chairs, carpets and walls are the same as day one.

So... for their 10th birthday, Spencer's is getting a refresh!

Sp refresh

Spencer’s will be closing from February 29th – April 15th for some much needed renovations. Once re-open, it will still be the same Spencer’s, but with a fresh, bright new look.

During the closure, Spencer's will make pop-up appearances downstairs at the Bite. We will update everyone shortly with what to expect, including exclusive themed dinners, industry socials, and take away specials. Visit for updates.

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Spencers reno2
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