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Housekeeping Manager

Elora Mill Hotel & Spa

The Housekeeping Manager an essential role in the daily flow of hotel operations; keeping the entire property clean and orderly. Responsible for overseeing the entire housekeeping team, the individual in this leadership position has an incredible work ethic and impeccable standards. Leads by providing a consistent example of excellent service and ensures that all cleaning efforts are completed efficiently, with a great attention to detail and guest satisfaction. This individual actively participates in inventory management, supply budgeting and the development of Housekeeping systems and procedures. In collaboration with other members of the Elora Mill management team, the Housekeeping Manager sources, retains and develops new talent.


  • Communicate, and be an example of, Elora Mill’s core values by demonstrating genuine and thoughtful hospitality in the day-to-day execution of duties.
  • Graciously adapt schedule when necessary, work beyond regular hours when called for
  • Develop the ability to convert feedback into real changes in behaviour
  • Act as a mentor to all housekeeping staff: embody a great service culture, and create a high level of standards and excellence.
  • Work directly with management and housekeeping staff to ensure overall team organization, development and the achievement of property goals
  • Contribute feedback to and conduct housekeeping evaluations/performance reviews
  • Oversee the entire recruitment process for new housekeeping staff- from job postings to reference checks to on-boarding
  • Provide orientation for new housekeeping staff and assist in creating training schedules/programs
  • Act as direct supervisor for all housekeeping staff; create schedule, handle any disciplinary action, coach and develop team members
  • Cultivate partnerships with other departments, constantly communicating to ensure successful, meaningful relationships and incredible guest service.
  • Manage day-to-day housekeeping operations, daily decision-making, scheduling, and planning, all the while upholding standards, product quality and cleanliness.
  • Adapt a hands-on approach to the daily operation covering cleaning duties with the team as and when required
  • When requested assists General Manager to create the annual housekeeping budgets; performing regular checks to ensure the department is on track to meet targets.
  • Assist in the selection of suppliers of housekeeping items and accurately maintain a detailed inventory of all products.
  • Monitor labour costs and ensure housekeeping staff are working efficiently and effectively, always keeping guest levels in mind when scheduling.
  • Ensures the daily laundry operation is following process and procedures
  • Ensuring a daily morning walk of the property with the General Manager or senior manager on duty
  • Follow correct procedure for building maintenance and upkeep, liaise with other departments to ensure systems, equipment and infrastructure is in good working order and properly maintained
  • Maintain a Lost and Found procedure and secure area for storing articles; communicate with guests who claim items
  • Manage and implement control systems to protect Elora Mill’s assets as well as those of guests
  • Ensure Health and Safety regulations are followed closely and that all staff are trained in the use of cleaning products/procedures
  • Effectively manage time and prioritize tasks to ensure organizational efficiency

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