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Corporate Stylist

Pearle Hospitality

Pearle Hospitality’s Corporate Stylist is passionate about creating strong and lasting first impressions through the use of design, visual appearance, and presentation that showcases each property’s unique, yet cohesive, brand. The individual in this role has a tremendous eye for detail, creative flair and a desire for continuous improvement. The Corporate Stylist is the embodiment of Pearle Style and knows that the look and feel of each venue is paramount to achieving an exceptional guest experience. and style to assist Pearle properties in achieving their full potential and maximizing the sensory experience for each and every guest. The Corporate Stylist collaborates with designers, the executive, and marketing teams to determine the direction of Pearle’s brand and deliver consistent messaging through the thoughtful and deliberate use of materials, visual displays, and products. The Corporate Stylist thrives on maintaining standards, meeting timelines, solving problems, sharing ideas and being creative.



  • Communicate, and exemplify, Pearle’s core values by demonstrating genuine and thoughtful hospitality in the day-to-day execution of duties.
  • Commit to continuous development of skills and knowledge and take initiative toward accomplishing personal and professional goals
  • Continuously seek to increase commercial awareness with up to date knowledge on designers, brands, and trends
  • Understand the importance of image; work tirelessly to ensure each Pearle brand is well represented through various elements of design and décor
  • Adapt schedule to business levels/workload when necessary, understanding Pearle priorities and what it takes to be successful


  • Regularly participate in, and contribute to, meetings and brainstorming sessions to determine strategic planning of design, décor & presentation of Pearle Hospitality properties.
  • Collaborate with the General Manager at each property to ensure consistency in brand messaging and overall feel of the property through design and décor.
  • Demonstrate superior communication skills and the ability to generate ideas while working both autonomously and collaboratively in a team environment


  • Relentlessly pursue the importance of “image “, “attention to detail” and “pride of ownership” to best represent the Pearle Hospitality Brands
  • Assist in establishing and maintaining visual brand messaging for individual properties and for the Pearle Hospitality brand as a whole through the selection and use of design elements
  • Create and execute property-specific style guides using established brand guidelines
  • Collaborate with the Marketing Department and the properties’ management teams to establish and execute marketing initiatives to raise brand awareness and maximize revenues
  • Manage and promote Pearle Hospitality and Pearle Events through the effective use of social media outlets and email database campaigns


  • Create a vision and display plan for each property’s seasonal and holiday décor, consulting with and deferring to other stakeholders as required 
  • Source and purchase décor as needed, ensuring the proper maintenance and storage of all items in order to maximize condition quality
  • Continuously fine tune an eye for visual composition and proportion
  • Develop and maintain a Floral Program for each Pearle property, being mindful of product availability and established budgets
  • Take the lead for the coordination and styling of all Pearle events ensuring timelines and budgets are adhered to and deadlines are met.
  • Oversee and direct the successful execution of each Pearle event, continuously improving by addressing feedback and learning from each event.
  • Create and execute property-specific style guides using established brand guidelines
  • Develop individual property styling, including the selection of team member uniforms
  • Creatively style and prepare for photo shoots in collaboration with Leanne Ciancone
  • Source and replace furniture pieces as necessary, following guidelines provided by designers and with approval of CEO and COO.


  • Communicate purposefully and plan effectively to ensure tasks are completed on time and to a consistently high standard
  • Maintain an excellent work ethic and can-do attitude, exemplifying a positive, proactive and assertive approach
  • Demonstrate excellent time management and organizational skills to effectively manage multiple projects with competing priorities and deadlines
  • Capable of working well independently to achieve agreed upon targets
  • Is consistently task-oriented, always focused on the job at hand and crossing items off the to-do list

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