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Sous Chef

Spencer's at the Waterfront

Spencer's is offering an exciting menu and concept, featuring a daily market dish board, craft cut steaks, chilled shellfish and items to share. If you feel you have the skills and expertise to be our next Sous Chef – please apply. 

The Sous Chef will train and manage kitchen personnel and supervise/coordinate all related culinary activities; estimate food consumption and requisition or purchase food; select and develop recipes; standardize production recipes to ensure consistent quality; establish presentation technique and quality standards; plan and price menus; ensure proper equipment operation/maintenance; and ensure proper safety and sanitation in kitchen. The Sous Chef may oversee special catering events and may also offer culinary instruction and/or demonstrate culinary techniques.

Duties & Responsibilities

Planning and directing food preparation: As the second in command, the Sous Chef is responsible for managing kitchen staff to ensure food is prepared properly. They will monitor and taste prep being executed for quality and appropriate production level. The individual in this role is also responsible for placing accurate orders based on established par levels

Managing kitchen staff: The Sous Chef will have the task of ensuring that all kitchen workers are performing at the level required by a professional kitchen. He or she may be asked to discipline workers who are not performing their job correctly or professionally, and may come up with incentives to ensure that workers are putting their best effort forth. The Sous Chef is part of the positive kitchen environment and maintains a professional attitude in all interactions regardless of the situation.

Training and scheduling: The Sous Chef is in charge of training new employees and creating the schedule to ensure adequate manning for the kitchen.

Expediting: The Sous Chef will serve as the expeditor for the kitchen. He or she will be responsible for arranging tickets and ordering food preparation so that customers receive food in the order it should be sent out. For example, the Sous Chef will tell the other chefs when to cook different menu items for a table of customers so that they will all be hot and ready to be served at the same time. The plating and presentation of all dishes will also be maintained to a high standard.

Quality Control:  The Sous Chef is responsible for ensuring that food that leaves the kitchen is of the highest quality and will make guests happy. The Sous Chef will ensure that portions are correct and the food is plated in an attractive manner. The Sous Chef must be a problem solver, ready to come up with on the spot solutions for problems that may occur in the kitchen. Food safety practices will always be adhered to under the Sous Chef's watch.

Results will be reviewed by the Head Chef on a weekly basis. Feedback will be documented and the Sous Chef will be given ample opportunity to discuss challenges as well as tools needed to achieve what is expected.


When you work at Spencer's, you are part of the Pearle Hospitality family and, with that, comes significant benefits:

  • 50% of dining for up to 6 guests at our properties, known for amazing, earth to table cuisine
  • 50% of accommodations and 25% off spa services at the brand new Elora Mill Hotel & Spa luxury property
  • Quarterly Staff Appreciation Draws with really awesome prizes
  • Being part of an expanding company with many opportunities for growth and new experiences
  • Being led by an engaged and enthusiastic, hands-on management team

Job Type: Full-time

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