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Lead Host

Elora Mill Hotel & Spa

The Lead Host is warm, friendly and inviting, providing each guest visiting the property with a genuine welcome and thoughtful service. The individual in this role is organized and focused with an incredible eye for the smallest details. They are able to motivate their host team and hold them accountable to a high standard of service and guest satisfaction. The lead host is always looking for ways to impress and is self-motivated by a desire to ensure positive guest experiences. The Lead Host becomes a personal representation of the service and overall hospitality of Elora Mill Hotel and Spa through their communication with guests in person, on the telephone and by email setting the stage for positive and lasting first impressions.


  • Exhibits a positive optimism and upbeat personality toward guests, vendors, business partners and fellow team members.
  • Willingly accepts additional tasks outside of job description, cooperates happily to accomplish organizational goals
  • Graciously adapts schedule when necessary, works during peak business times
  • Continually looks for ways to increase efficiency and productivity, creates new processes and procedures to raise the bar on service and effectiveness of host position
  • Develops the ability to convert feedback into real changes in behaviour


  • Establishes connections with guests; maintains relationships by familiarizing oneself with guest names, preferences, special occasions, etc.
  • Maintains guest database, updates details at each opportunity, strives to expand guest profiles to elevate service and be able to anticipate needs
  • Is an ambassador of the property, acts as liaison between guests and management, sales team, team members
  • Proudly represents and leads the host team; providing guidance, direction and training to maintain standards and help to maximize the potential of other team members
  • Leads by example, thinks proactively to provide smooth, unfettered service and finds creative solutions to any challenges that may arise


  • Communicates, and is an example of Pearle’s core values by demonstrating genuine and thoughtful hospitality in the day-to-day execution of duties.
  • Relentlessly pursues the importance of “image “, “attention to detail” and “pride of ownership” to best represent the Pearle Hospitality Brand
  • Embodies a great service culture, and creates a high level of service standards and excellence for oneself and other hosts
  • Continually seeks ways to provide outstanding service, demonstrating for other hosts how to exceed guests’ expectations


  • From beginning to end, capably and courteously handles the first experience for guests whether that be in person, over the telephone or digitally via email- answering questions or direct inquiries appropriately and in a timely manner
  • Sells gift cards to guests; keeps accurate records of sales, card stock; submits paperwork for sales in an organized fashion
  • Gains a thorough understanding of OpenTable and Micros software to maximize floor plans and reservations; shares knowledge of software systems with team members
  • Books large party reservations and private dining areas, adhering to established guidelines, room rental fees and timelines
  • Directs and instructs the dining room staff on customer needs to ensure they receive expeditious and quality service from the moment they arrive.
  • Confidently maintains the flow of guests into the dining room, makes quick decisions on where groups will be seated and effectively suggests timing on the wait if necessary
  • Confirms upcoming reservations & Looks ahead at future reservations to ensure all details are in place and all departments are informed of upcoming requirements


  • Arrives to work promptly, well presented in perfect dress code with all tools necessary for the job and ensures all hosts follow the same standard
  • Becomes familiarized with locations, times and names of the day’s events and activities as well as the expected number of dining room reservations for lunch and dinner service
  • Ensures dining room menus are correct and their appearance impeccable; confirms any special event menus have been prepared and are printed accurately
  • Presents a welcoming & inviting front door aesthetic by keeping entrances, outdoor walkways clean and tidy and ensuring host area and coat check is uncluttered, well-stocked and organized
  • Handles inventory for all collateral necessary for the Host Stand
  • Conducts regular quality checks in washrooms and restocks as necessary.

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