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The Butcher works closely with the Head Butcher, learning new techniques and honing their skills, always looking for ways to increase knowledge. This individual takes great care when cutting, weighing and portioning to deliver quality meats for Pearle Hospitality guests. The butcher’s apprentice uses sharp tools such as knives, grinders and saws always following proper procedures and sanitation guidelines. 


  • Exhibit a positive optimism and upbeat personality toward guests, suppliers, and fellow team members
  • Accept instruction and direction well, work on ability to convert feedback into real changes in behaviour
  • Always act with integrity and honesty, take responsibility for decisions and actions
  • Demonstrate a commitment to further develop skills and knowledge


  • Maintain positive relationships within the team unit as well as with those outside of it, work together with others toward the common goal of success across Pearle Hospitality properties
  • Willingly accept additional tasks as required for the effective functioning of the team
  • Graciously assist others to complete the job
  • Demonstrate respect and courtesy for all individuals encountered on the job, including management, fellow team members and guests


  • Receive, inspect and store meat upon delivery ensuring the correct items are delivered and the paperwork is filed appropriately
  • Keep inventory of meat sales and order when necessary
  • Safely sharpen and adjust cutting equipment following health and safety guidelines
  • Accurately cut meat according to standard specifications and/or chef’s direction and ensure correct portioning
  • Thoughtfully practice product care by rotating par levels for freshness
  • Regularly perform product temperatures checks for all meat products
  • Follow established cleaning schedule and always use proper food handling procedures


  • Communicate Pearle Hospitality’s core values by demonstrating genuine and thoughtful hospitality in the day to day execution of duties
  • Provide impeccable service to the property chefs and internal guests
  • Pursue the importance of “image “, “attention to detail” and “pride of ownership” to best represent the Pearle Hospitality Brand
  • Earnestly accommodate any special requests, dietary restrictions and/or allergies of guests understanding the importance of adhering to established guidelines


  • Arrive to work promptly and in full uniform prepared with all necessary tools for the job
  • Prepare the butchering station, ensuring all tools are in place with all items neatly organized and stored properly
  • Maintain station throughout shift, work neatly and make cleanliness a priority ensuring health and sanitation standards are followed
  • Understand how to properly and safely operate all equipment
  • Ensure all equipment is in working order, and if not, communicate any deficiencies and follow up to make sure they are dealt with
  • Effectively manage time to ensure organizational efficiency
  • Meticulously and completely perform the clean up and tear down of the butchery station, ensuring work area is spotless and all product is properly stored

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