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Maître D

Whistle Bear Golf Club

The Maître D is the manager of an event. Days before the event takes place, the Maître D pours over the tiniest details. The Maître D knows that the success of the event is entirely dependant on preparation beforehand. The Maître D ensures that all product is in house, all rentals secured, all timing in place, all staff are secured and ready. The Maître D leads the team through throughout the service of the event and will leave no stone unturned to protect the integrity of the event and the happiness of the guests.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Liaison with sales and operations managers to secure all details for the event
  • Hosts bridal party at the rehearsal
  • Coordinates all timing, music, bridal party and family throughout the rehearsal
  • Daily reporting to management of detail and execution
  • Serves and hosts at menu tastings
  • Understanding of food and wine to help guests with selection process
  • Ensures all rentals are accurate and in place
  • Ensures all details are coordinated
  • Oversees staff arrival timing
  • Manages a plan of execution for the day
  • Leads their team to operate accordingly
  • Confirms all details with sales manager
  • Makes certain tables and bridal décor is properly arranged
  • Keeps event on track for timing
  • Oversees food service
  • Checks details constantly throughout the event


  • Previous work experience in hospitality or wedding industries - 2 years minimum
  • Excellent communication and organizational skills
  • Outgoing and personable demeanour

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